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Music in any production plays an important role and we take great care to select tracks which correctly reflect the style and tone of our programme. The selection process varies from magical, where not long into research the best track possible jumps out and works perfectly, to thankless, where hours (days!) later you are losing the will to live and everything is starting to sound the same! Usually somewhere in the middle is the norm.

But at least the search for music is nothing like the old Compact Disc days…

We have memories, which make us smile now, of editors and producers selecting potential music from the old CD library. Piles of CDs would form and gradually grow over every available surface in the edit suite whilst the drawer on the CD deck would be exhausted as disc after disc ran the test. The opening few bars of music were sufficient to determine whether there was any mileage in a track and indeed generally the entire CD. And so we remember the ongoing sound of jewel cases opening and closing, bursts of noise and plastic being hurled across the edit suite in the general direction of the bin.

Nowadays, it’s so much nicer. MP3 files and the internet mean video producers have access to any number of music houses and an endless library of production music. Keywords efficiently narrow the search whilst a simple click enables the audition of a track. Another click enables the download and, wonderfully, a third opens a chat window and access to live on-line help!

This video uses great production music

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