British Telecom VNR

Anyone in the UK will be more than familiar with the telephone caller display service, which enables you to see who is calling along with a log of the calls made to your number. This was set up back in 1994 as a security measure to deter nuisance phonecalls being made but has become something we all rely on nowadays to find out who has called and what phonecalls we may have missed. A separate display unit could be bought (left) until everyone possessed the new style of phone we have today with an integrated display screen.

Our crew were hired by British Telecom to do a VNR (video news release) about the features of the service. It was filmed, edited and sent around all the major broadcasters in the UK to be used on news programmes on the day of its official launch. In fact, several of the crew ended up in shot demonstrating how it all worked, which would be rather amusing to watch now!

A VNR is fantastic way for all kinds of organisations to get their breaking news out to the public domain. Having a video production company coming film the story, as opposed to a television news crew, generally means that the organisation has much more control about what is filmed and at the optimum window of opportunity.  The broadcasters may not have considered the story newsworthy enough to send out a crew and reporter but they are usually more than happy to be able to fill a slot with a VNR on a quiet news day.

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