Baking Posterity

We live in an ever-changing world and everyone, at some point in their lives, has had a moment when they wished they had arranged to have something filmed for posterity.

But not, thankfully, a bakery planning to move premises from Dunfermline in Scotland where they had been based for over one hundred and thirty years, and well and truly out-grown, to a brand new state of the art purpose-built factory unit out of town. The bakery had begun as a small business but expanded over the years until it had taken over as many of the flats on the street as it possibly could. The layout was a complex maze with various sections of the bakery operating in quirky nooks and crannies. The premises oozed as much character as it was steeped in history and it had a distinctly loveable charm, but clearly must have been a tricky to place to work in.

Relocating was obviously exciting but with it came a massive wrench, as the bakery had to leave behind its scotch oven which had been burning since it was built in 1903. The oven was key to the success of the bakery’s infamous rolls and had never been switched off in one hundred and five years… until its final (emotional) shift in 2008.

Rumble was commissioned to film the penultimate weekend operation at the old premises. The owners of the family run business had no specific purpose for the footage other than posterity, but they are so glad that they had the foresight to capture the last working scotch oven in Britain, and that lovely old bakery. Something to treasure forever.

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