At Home On Location

Our main area of work is the production of corporate films therefore we spend a great deal of our time in business premises all over the country.

When we reach our filming location, the focus is very much to find the room where we are filming, unload the kit and get the first shot set up as quickly (and beautifully!) as possible. Filming days can be long so, particularly at the start of the day, there is little opportunity for small talk. Plus, our production team have a filming schedule to work to which ensures everything keeps moving along as swiftly and effectively as possible.

When setting up for filming our crew need the freedom to walk backwards and forwards with kit and be left to our own devices to set up.  It will invariably involve taking over an area, moving furniture about and reorganising the odd shelf or two. Within minutes, our kit is part of the furniture and Rumble’s crew is walking around the place as though they have worked there for years!

We often have a little laugh at the end of a filming day, over the customary post-shoot pint of course. It probably takes a new employee weeks to settle into their new surroundings yet a film crew can walk in and act at home instantly. It’s what we do and the only way.

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