Some of our crew are out filming at the Clyde Auditorium this week, or rather the ‘Armadillo’ as it is better known in Scotland. Whilst the concert we are providing camera coverage for may not be as glamorous as the infamous Take That gig going off just the other side of Glasgow at Hampden Stadium, there shall be no complaints whatsoever from our film crew.

You see the Clyde Auditorium is an absolute dream for filming. Because the venue is purpose-built and modern, the requirement for video, sound, staging equipment etc. has been taken into account in the design, making it an accessible and easy place to rig for filming. There is fantastic access enabling you to literally drive vehicles straight up to the stage area from the car park, which means lugging kit about is kept to a minimum. And once inside, you are guaranteed great camera positions without fighting with chairs, bannisters and decor.

Generally the venue is just a pleasure to work in but, importantly, at the end of the night the lay-out and access available means the de-rig is as smooth and speedy as possible.

And a post shoot pint is always on the cards with this one.

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