Anne The Elephant

After much talk about the horrific treatment Anne the fifty seven year old circus elephant has had to endure at the hands of her groom, news is that she has been taken from Bobby Roberts circus to retire somewhere peaceful. Poor Anne. Everyone loves elephants (don’t they?) and hopes that Anne enjoys the rest of her long life.

We actually think some of our film crew may have met Anne. Filmed her even? As ridiculous as this may sound, we once hired the services of an elephant to appear in a corporate video. It was a very long time ago, in the days when there was little if any ill-feeling or discomfort towards animals being used for tricks and entertainment, and the demands were not high! The client wanted the elephant to put her two front feet on top of a piece of furniture to provide how sturdy it was.

Now, you don’t get promotional video like that any more!!

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  1. falcon says:

    i looked after annie for 2 yrs backs in the 80s does that make me just as guilty

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