Animals Or Children

Never work with……….

We all know how the saying goes and our film crew know exactly why!

Back in the 90s we were commissioned to produce a video that included both. The project ‘Good Dogs Deserve Good Owners’ was an initiative launched by a local authority to encourage children to develop good habits when it came to caring for their pets.

Topics covered included exercise, diet, obedience, fouling etc and the idea was that the film would be presented by kids and their dogs. The dogs were to be given characters and have voices dubbed on in post-production. Our clever producer had the brainwave that, in order to make the dogs look like they were talking, he would merely feed them treats. The subsequent chewing action would simulate speech and a voice would be dubbed on. Brilliant!

Easy peasy you would think…….nope! Have you any idea just how long it takes for a Labrador to eat a biscuit? One gulp and its gone! Even the smallest of terriers can make a biscuit disappear in a split second. Needless to say it took hours and hours, and a stack of various foods, to get enough footage on which to dub voice.

All in all, by the time we had finished filming our temperamental kids and untrained dogs, we were absolutely exhausted. Those of us who didn’t need therapy headed for our post-shoot beer in unanimous agreement… “never again”.

It goes without saying that we got there in the end and the client was extremely happy with the film. But the phrase we have adopted is “never work with animals AND children”.

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