Alright For Some

Well it’s Tuesday 21st June and the day of summer solstice. Whilst an official drought has been declared recently in areas of England, people north of the border are complaining of the incessant rain and yes, feeling cold!

Not, however, as cold as our producer at Coylumbridge Hotel near Aviemore some years back…

Our production team were spending four or five days there shooting a promotional video for Stakis of their hotel and new Highland Lodge time-share development. It was winter and the location looked absolutely stunning under clear blue skies and sparkling snow. It was cold though.

Towards the end of the day our crew had only the exterior shots of the hotel left to film so the producer, duties over for the day, escaped to the hotel’s warm leisure facility. Whilst she relaxed in the jacuzzi, the rest of the film crew trudged miserably through knee-deep snow drifts with kit, in a bid to capture the best angles.

The mood over the film crew was lightened somewhat, however, when the joyous sound of the hotel’s fire alarm resonated through the freezing cold mountains of Aviemore. Within around thirty seconds later, people could be seen starting to evacuate the building including, no less, an extremely unimpressed-looking producer bearing only a bath robe to protect her from the elements and the rather refreshing -14 temperature.

Oh how the rest of the film crew laughed!

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