All So Affordable

In our most recent blog about the way marketing, advertising and PR agencies work with video production companies over the years, we touched on how video technology has become so affordable and therefore accessible

The widespread problem, we are experiencing, is that people are of the belief that if they film something and edit the shots together that they have a programme.

Regardless of how affordable a video camera may be these days, it is the combined skills of filming, editing and producing an engaging and effective video which makes professional video production companies stand out from those giving it a go. And thankfully the wiser organisations out there recognise the real big difference!

A programme is much more than shots stitched together in an order that makes sense and is visually appealing. A professionally produced programme will deliver the key messages of an organisation within a video development which is structured and motivational. There is no point producing an entire programme if your viewer isn’t going to watch it all nor if it fails to bring about the desired action.

The film we produced called Changing Lives for charity Cyrenians is only one of many examples of films you can watch on our website via

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