A Peaceful Shoot

Our Lawnmower Man blog earlier this week reminded us of a regular filming slot we used to do at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh. The Head Office, at Gogarburn on the outskirts of Edinburgh, is set in the beautiful landscaped gardens and the vast grounds provided us with fantastic backdrops for interviews. Set well back from the road, it was deemed a peaceful location. And so it was.

Except, it seemed, any time our film crew were there. We don’t know how it happened but without fail there would be grass-cutting going off not far from wherever we set up shot. And if it wasn’t, the man on the lawnmower would never be far away!

On one single (no exaggeration!) occasion, we had been filming for over four hours without any sign or sound of the lawnmower man. This was very odd. However, our film crew were delighted to have a peaceful shoot. Someone in the crew wittily suggested that perhaps they would be cutting down trees today instead, since we were there filming.

We turned the next corner to set up for yet another interview and there stood a sign…

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