A Good Day Filming

It would seem a little strain of the rest of the UK’s heatwave reached Scotland today; a welcome break from days and days (weeks!) of rain.

Ironically, our film crew were involved in a shoot indoors all day. And with the blinds closed and house lights down during filming, and extreme blasts of air conditioning in between times, we could easily have been fooled that summer had still not reached these parts.

But despite a slightly unsavoury early start and the rather exhausting steps our crew had to negotiate with mountains of kit (what is it about hot days and steps!), it was a good day filming. The client is a pleasure to work with, the people in the company are friendly and unlike many jobs we are involved in, filming was in sizeable chunks meaning that between recordings our film crew were able to take a breather outside and enjoy the lovely weather.

What a difference a little bit of sunshine makes!

There’s loads more to say about this job but it’s been a long day…

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