A Different Outlook

Video production gives us an insight into so many people’s jobs, lives and worlds. Every project requires us to get right in about a subject so that we can share our client’s outlook and apply what we do!

This has to be one of the best things about the job – as it has turned out. It can obviously be enlightening but sometimes it is quite frankly life-changing. We can head into a project with all the usual preconceptions we all (quite naturally) have and come out at the end of the process with a completely reformed view of the world. And this is probably why we love making what we call ‘people programmes’.

Only once you have had to dig deep and face first hand the real issues and personal experiences of people can you ever have any true appreciation.

We have met some real characters. People have shared their lives with us and there has been tears and laughter (and a few nerves!) along the way. But long after the video has been produced, the impact of the temporary (privileged) position we had with them and the organisation supporting them lasts forever.

Here is a video we produced for homeless charity Simon Community. Permission to use this wonderful track of music was granted by Snow Patrol.


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