A Chiropractor’s Nightmare

Filming people carrying out their jobs gives our film crew a rare insight to an extremely diverse range of occupations. There is something rather fly-in-the-wall about working in video production; spending time with companies, groups and organisations; learning and capturing what they do.

Earlier in the week we were at a chiropractic practice. It was fascinating to watch the tests that are done as part of the assessment process. With patients able to see for themselves in the mirror that their shoulders are off-line, their eyes and smiles are lower one on side and how they are standing with one foot further forward than the other, it is a medical diagnosis which is rather impossible to contest. It was also amazing to be able witness a visible difference in the way a patient stood, or slouched to be more precise, after only a handful of adjustments.

Our film crew conferred with each other not long into the shoot and everyone agreed they were extremely self-conscious about the way they were standing and trying constantly to sit, stand and lift correctly. It must, we thought, be a fairly natural reaction. By the time filming was complete, however, all minds were fully focussed on packing the gear up as quickly as possible and being on our way and we spontaneously reverted to type: moving, lifting, carrying and loading kit in a manner that would probably give any chiropractor nightmares.

In a bid to excuse our ways, we humoured that any adjustments and chiropractic treatment carried out on the bodies of film crew would be very quickly negated. A lost cause perhaps? Our client assured us that he could ‘fix us’ were we to have two weeks free from working. As much as we all liked him, and enjoyed his company that evening, we passed up on the opportunity to have him join us all on holiday this summer.

Besides, we are not sure how well we would get on with someone who implies that your face is squint!

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