Remembering Dunblane

Today is a dark day in Scottish memory. Who can forget the terrible day of 13th March 1996 when Thomas Hamilton walked into Dunblane primary school in Scotland and opened fire on a primary one class of school children killing sixteen pupils; fifteen aged five, one aged six, and their teacher.

Our sound guy struggles to speak about his experience of that horrific day.

For him it began with a phonecall to the office asking if we had a film crew in the Stirling area, as there had been a shooting. The tragic story of what had happened unfolded as he and our cameraman made their way from Glasgow to Dunblane. They were the second film crew to arrive on the scene and what stays with them to this day was the silence. Despite the presence of emergency vehicles and a rising state of hysteria, there was a silence which was overwhelming and eery.

There to do a job, our guys switched into professional mode and began filming. But they say it was surreal. To watch events in black and white through the camera viewfinder, concentrate on picture quality and monitor the sound they were recording, detached them somehow from what was happening before them. But that night it hit them. They watched the news on television and were distraught watching their own footage.

The news agency had our film crew return to Dunblane the two following days until, emotionally and physically drained, they could take no more. Besides it was time to let the stricken community of Dunblane rest and come to terms with its loss.

Fifteen years on we remember Dunblane and the young lives which were taken so cruelly from the world. Nothing like this must ever happen again.

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Isabelle (Malawi film)

Isabelle, 6 years old, MALAWI

Isabelle, 6 years old, MALAWI

Isabelle has suffered malnutrition seven times in her six young years.

Unable to walk, she is sitting alone by the side of the road as we arrive. Her grandparents greet us and explain that Isabelle’s mother is gravely ill with malaria and they are caring for her now. They are frightfully poor and live in a small remote village far from any medical assistance, so no-one really knows what is wrong with Isabelle. Dressed in a little white ragged dress, she makes her way over to where we are standing by shuffling along the ground on her bottom. She doesn’t speak.

The tennis ball we had for her hardly seems appropriate and there is a feeling of great awkwardness amongst the crew. It can’t be cruel to give a ball to a little girl who has nothing, but it sure as hell feels like it.

On the other hand our time in Malawi has taught us that happiness can be pretty unconditional and, in comparison, we seem socially programmed to be super-sensitive and more uncomfortable for others and their issues than they are themselves. Quandary.

We gave Isabelle her ball. If the other kids play with it at least it is hers and let’s face it she doesn’t have much more than the dress she is wearing. She clasped the ball to her chest with delight and without hesitation let it roll out in front of her. The smiling expression on her grandfather’s face was reassurance. She began throwing the ball a little further away and shuffling after it with excitement and determination.

She was happy… as well as completely adorable.


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5* Values

20131023-081852.jpgWant a bigger house, want a better car, want more money… need those shoes! That’s how it goes isn’t it?
And then you go to Malawi.
Stripped right back, you don’t care about the clothes you’re wearing or the shoes on your feet, because you have some. You don’t worry about how you look in your designer sunglasses because no-one has them. No-one has anything of material value and no-one cares. It’s just straightforward happiness based on health and family values and it is so incredibly liberating.
Not that anyone gets it back here, blinkered by their 5 star values of the next must-have must-do. The indulgent lifestyle we lead is completely mis-led and crudely distorted… I mean who needs a gold-plated mouse???


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Two weeks filming in the third world certainly brings some perspective to life…
Landing in Heathrow, it’s the feeling of washing your hands in water so clean it can be drunk.
Sitting down to whatever in the world you feel like eating, in the knowledge that it won’t cause you to be ill, gives food a whole new appreciation.
And then it’s the luxury of getting home and running a hot bath, in water that runs clean, at the twist of a tap and, lying there, sparing a thought for the mud huts and buckets of water you have left behind.
It won’t take long for the home comforts and luxuries to adopt their familiar role in our lives, and for it all to be taken for granted again but experiencing life in Malawi, as we have done, is a truly gifted opportunity, and we owe it to those who have touched us so deeply to cling on to this privileged perspective.

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Mai Tai

Think they call it a busman’s holiday but we honestly couldn’t think of a better way of recording such vital-to-ongoing-life information. What use is a scrap of paper with a recipe scribbled on it when you can sit back and watch it happen. Ah isn’t video great? One click of the play button and we are there, back at the poolside bar, talking to our new friend Richard while he prepares a refreshing Mai Tai during our break from filming.

It was that kind of shoot, or maybe it’s just because it was Hawaii! Professionalism wasn’t in question. We did film it on two cameras (okay, our handy iPhones) and edit it, with a caption, on Final Cut X Pro. And hey, we were simply doing our bit by getting into the spirit of Maui  (light and dark rum to be precise) and embracing the infectious Hawaiian culture.

So, here you have it. Our crew’s new friend barman Richard demonstrating how to make your very own Maui Mai Tai… genius!


PS – who would have thought the word ‘Hawaiian’ would feature in our blog and not be referring to pizza? Surreal.

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